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Upcoming Twitter Chat: Hybrid Office 365 – Long-term strategy, or gateway to the Cloud?

12 Sep 2017 by laura.zawacki

We’re hosting a Twitter Chat on Thursday, September 21st at 9 PM BST / 4 PM ET.
What’s a Twitter Chat? 
A Twitter Chat is a live conversation joined together by one hashtag on Twitter, enabling you to follow and participate in the discussion. As long as you use the hashtag, everyone else involved will be able to see what you have to say.
The topic of this month’s Twitter chat is hybrid Office 365 environments. We’ll discuss pros and cons and get your opinions on the best strategies.
There is a lot of ambiguity around ‘hybrid’ and hopefully through a thoughtful Twitter discussion, we can learn from others in the Office 365 community to determine exactly what hybrid entails, and a winning strategy for hybrid Office 365 environments!
Which strategy do you operate under?

  • A long-term hybrid strategy maintains the best of both worlds in perpetuity.
  • A hybrid environment is a gateway to a full cloud strategy, and only temporary.

Here are the questions we’ll address throughout the chat:
Hybrid Office 365 – Long-term strategy or gateway to the cloud?

  1. In your opinion, what are the greatest benefits of a hybrid Office 365 environment?
  2. What are the greatest challenges that come with a hybrid Office 365 environment?
  3. What hybrid workloads do you run?  SharePoint, Exchange, both?
  4. Are there any disadvantages of running a hybrid Office 365 environment long-term?
  5. What were your reasons for using hybrid as a stepping stone to the cloud?
  6. What would it take for you to go ‘full cloud’ and scrap the hybrid?

So, what strategy do you support?
We hope you’ll join the discussion next week. Follow along at #O365AdminChat.
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