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Microsoft Ignite the Tour – next stop Toronto!

7 Jan 2019 by Becci Velzian

Our next stop on Microsoft Ignite the Tour in 2019 is Toronto! We are looking forward to visiting the iconic city for the skyscrapers, Canadian bacon, and more tech talk. Microsoft will be hosting the event at the Metro Convention Centre on January 10-11. We will be there in the usual fashion with opportunities to win prizes, chat with our team, and to give away more of our beloved bulls. So come and find us at booth P4!

In 2018 we kicked off our worldwide tour of 17 cities with a great response from Berlin and Sao Paulo. Our speaker session “Office 365 – Your Technical Journey” filled the theatre, so we’ll be back again in Toronto for another session. Come and find Paul Robichaux, our CTO, who will be discussing “Making it rain: the challenges of cloud management” a discussion on the truth that cloud environments pose unique, and difficult, management challenges because there are so many parts of the ecosystem that you as a customer don’t control. In Paul’s session, we’ll look at some of the thorniest issues around cloud management and discuss practical ways to ensure that your Office 365 environment meets your security, performance, data integrity, and availability standards.

Things to do in Toronto during Microsoft Ignite the Tour

If you’re traveling into Toronto from another state or country, it’s worth exploring what the dynamic city has to offer, if you time to spare outside of sessions. I would start by taking in the more touristy attractions before delving deeper into local restaurants (when you need a break from exploring).  

The CN Tower 

When you look at Toronto’s soaring skyscrapers, the most iconic one is undoubtedly the CN Tower. The impressive communications tower was originally built in 1975 and is the 9th tallest building in the world. If you don’t mind heights and are a sucker for a phenomenal view, then I would highly recommend going up to the SkyPod for a reasonable fee of $39 for general admission. The SkyPod is the round, spaceship-looking part of the tower which has panoramic views of the city and beyond. You can even dine in the SkyPod at the 360 restaurant, which is slightly pricey, but it would be a memorable experience for you and your work colleagues after the event. If you’re not convinced yet, this striking architectural wonder is directly opposite the Metro Convention Center so it’s very convenient to get to.  

The tower isn’t for the faint-hearted, so if you’d rather keep your feet on the ground the unique building is still spectacular from other locations around the city. You can quite literally just look up wherever you are, or maybe go to the Trillium Park. The park is newly built and has an authentic Canadian trail feel to it, so grab a ‘Double-Double’ and admire the skyline and harbor views from here. Conveniently, this is only a 7-minute drive or 30-minute walk from the Metro Centre, so an easy destination to tick off your Canadian tourist list. You can also enjoy views of the harbor from here. Or if you want a spectacular sunset, head over to Humber Bay, a 12-minute drive from the Convention Centre. Here, the views truly come to life when the skyline’s reflection bounces off the water.  

Where to eat?  

A busy day of sessions and networking can leave everyone feeling ravenous. The Metro Convention Center is in the center of Toronto, meaning some of the best restaurants are on your doorstep. Here are some good places to go to ensure you have happily fed and watered colleagues: 

  • Canoe: whenever I’m in a new city, I always want to try the native cuisine. Canoe is a fine-dining restaurant which pays homage to the Canadian outdoors lifestyle and environment. You can expect traditional delicacies with a contemporary twist, for example, their locally sourced veal dish introduces Japanese flavors. What makes this restaurant more of an experience rather than a meal, is that it’s on the 52nd floor of one of Toronto’s skyscrapers. So, you can enjoy a breath-taking view of the Ontario Lake whilst eating delicious Canadian food.  
  • PAIAlternatively, if you’re all Canadian bacon-ed out, I would check out PAI. A Northern Thai restaurant serving aromatic and flavour quenching dishes including some of the cultures favorites: Thai Green and Red curries, variations of the Masaman curry, Satay Dishes and various delicious seafood dishes. If you want a truly satisfying meal after the event, this would be my other go-to.  

Canadian Sayings 

Canadians are renowned for their friendly and laidback personalities. With that comes some great little sayings you should keep your ears open for when in the big city:  

  • ‘Aboot’ – Canadian pronunciation of the word about.  
  • ‘Eh’ – often said at the end of sentences meaning ‘huh’ or ‘ya know’  
  • ‘Poutine’ – a local dish consisting of fries, gravy and lots of cheese curds (one to try whilst you’re there)  
  • ‘Double-double’ – local coffee which has double cream and double sugar (yum)  
  • ‘Loony’ – slang for the dollar 

Look for the bulls! 

As always, we have lots of treats up our sleeve, so come and find us at booth P4. 

We have a brand-new game available and we will be giving out Amazon vouchers daily to our lucky winners! 

We will also be giving out a free copy of the Office 365 for IT Pros eBook (2019 edition) which is normally worth around $60! In order to win this book, we want you to come and stop by our booth (P4) and answer the following questions: 

  • What is the biggest city in Canada by population? 
  • What is Quadrotech’s Reporting tool called? 
  • What is your biggest IT struggle? 

Alongside the competitions and swag, our expert team will be on hand to talk about our solutions for Office 365 migration and management. If you’d like to ensure you get some time with our team, and avoid session clashes, why not schedule a meeting to discuss any challenges or upcoming projects and how we can help? 

You can book a meeting here.

See you there!