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The True Cost of Maintaining an On-premises Archiving Solution

Oct 31, 2016 by Ron Brown

Have you ever thought about how much it costs to maintain your on-premises email archive? The fact is you might be aware of some of those expenditures as you write various checks; but the costs are typically spread out over many different line items (sometimes hidden in other budgets), so it is hard to get a clear overall picture.

Some of the costs to consider:

• Archive license maintenance
• Storage costs
• Hardware maintenance
• OS license maintenance
• SQL DB license maintenance
• IT personnel
• Environmental

While an ROI calculator is a great tool to help open up budget for a new project (remember that uncomfortable meeting with the CFO!), it certainly takes a backseat to the hard analysis you have to do as an IT professional to find the right solution for your business.  ROI analysis should be used to confirm that a new technology/service offers a better financial return than the one it is replacing.

We at Quadrotech are here to help you with your archive migration project, whether it is migrating back to Exchange, to Office 365, or to another cloud-based service.  What about moving your archive (storage and compute) to Azure?

Quadrotech is the ONLY migration vendor that was invited to Microsoft’s exclusive NSP program, an elite group comprised of just 49 of the very best Microsoft partners in the entire US. We’re also a Cloud Solutions Provider with 10 Microsoft competencies – 5 Gold and 5 Silver. We were a finalist for Microsoft Messaging Partner of the Year in 2016, one of only four companies globally to achieve this prestigious recognition. All this speaks to our overall experience and skill in delivering successful customer engagements. We have taken that experience and developed a tool to help you make your business case for your CFO—a tool that actually goes beyond the numbers and will also provide guidance on what approach would be most cost-effective for your organization.

If you want a taste of one ROI scenario (moving your on-premises archive to Office 365), please contact us for a free quote.

Want to challenge us? Take a deeper dive? Want to look at other scenarios?  Our team is here to assist.

Fixed-cost, fixed-outcome solutions from Quadrotech allow you to easily migrate your on-premises archive to a cloud-based solution or back to Exchange… preserving the integrity of your archive and lowering your costs.