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The best email I've received this year

11 Jan 2017 by emma.robinson

On the first day of 2017, I got some rather exciting news. I was minding my own business when my wrist buzzed with an Outlook email notification. I glanced at my smart watch and saw a subject line that I was not expecting – “Congratulations 2017 Microsoft MVP!”
Being part of the Microsoft community has been an invaluable to me, as a place to learn, contribute, and most importantly chat with knowledgeable, like-minded people. I’ve seen it grow from a small, but enthusiastic network – offering Office 365 support and advice across forums, to the expansive, and truly global movement it has now become, brimming with IT professionals, managers and engineers, all keen to share their ideas and experiences.
Back then, I also used to join a monthly Lync meetup called the Office 365 International Users Group, which would bring together a group of people, who were dotted around the world, to talk about Office 365 – exploring new developments, issues or changes to the platform as it developed and grew. What always struck me, was how eagerly attended these knowledge sharing sessions were, taking place between strangers – and often in the middle of the night  for at least a few people involved – but no one was deterred, they all wanted to participate, discussing their discoveries, problems and triumphs.
Time went on, and Microsoft began to show more awareness of these emerging groups, and support networks. Once, I logged a support ticket with Microsoft, and their engineer actually copied one of my blogs from this site, pasted it into a word document and sent it to me as a possible solution. In this particular instance, their ‘knowledge share’ didn’t go exactly to plan, but the idea behind it resonates – the importance of identifying and sharing helpful resources and useful content from across the community, and leveraging the technical experts they have to guide others. There have been countless times where I’ve relied on content created by MVPs to give me a helping hand, and having met many of them over the years, I’ve seen firsthand what a passionate, intelligent and driven group they really are.
The Microsoft MVP Award is given to people who share their knowledge, and support others in their quest to develop their own abilities and understanding. I am honoured, and very humbled by this achievement. It is a fantastic opportunity to get further involved in the Microsoft community, to learn more, and continue to help people whenever I can.