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The Advanced Ingestion Protocol. A Great Reason to Visit QUADROtech @ #MSIgnite!

16 Apr 2015 by Orlaith Palmer

One of our greatest technological achievements has been the inclusion of the Advanced Ingestion Protocol in our Gold Certified migration tool, ArchiveShuttle. Until now, Exchange Web Services (EWS) or MAPI have been the primary method of archive ingestion to Office365 or Exchange, which could be time consuming, and potentially harmful to future forensic analysis due to the way the email items are reformed upon ingestion.

By utilizing QUADROtechs Advanced Ingestion Protocol, you can be assured that mail items transferred to Office365 or Exchange remain exactly the same as when they went in, quickly, securely and with integrity as a priority. Also, due to our end-to-end migration approach, speeds are further enhanced through the intelligent management of multi-threaded ingestion procedures such as how we handle back off commands from Office 365.

QUADROtech, your one-migration vendor, is proud to be in attendance at #MSIgnite in Chicago! We’re excited to meet you and introduce our industry-leading migration suite which covers live, offline and archive mail. Whether you’re looking for potential partnerships or a speedy, safe and cost-efficient migration of your email ecosystem to Office 365, booth 621 will be manned by the most experienced migration specialists in the industry.

Would you like to schedule a meeting with us at Ignite and learn more about how we supercharge migration projects

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