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Imitation is the most annoying form of flattery

Jun 1, 2016 by Dan Langille

Dear Competitors,

Yesterday Microsoft recognized our tremendous success in FY16 by naming us a finalist for their Messaging Partner of the Year award.  We owe each of you a debt of gratitude for this honor, so…..thank you.  We couldn’t have gotten here without you.

Thank you to the competitor who recognized the stunning performance breakthrough of our Advanced Ingestion Protocol (AIP).  Your attempts to duplicate it compelled us to punch an even larger hole in the performance envelope with AIP2 and (soon) AIP3.  Oh, and one more thing:  have you seen our Highly Optimized Transport System?  I hope you like dust, because you have a lot of it to eat.

[vc_row_inner][vc_column_inner width=”1/4″][/vc_column_inner][vc_column_inner width=”3/4″]Thank you to the competitor who finally grasped the flexibility and agility inherent to integrating PowerShell into your tools.  PowerShell has proven itself invaluable in a great many projects in the two years since we first built it into our platform.  Your clients will surely benefit from your decision to follow our lead here, however belatedly you did so.[/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner]Thank you to the competitor who copied our Managed Migration Services co-selling / co-delivery model.  We made the strategic decision a year and a half ago to empower our partners with the flexibility to choose, based on their own core competencies, their own level of hands-on involvement in meeting their customers’ archive and PST migration requirements – a spectrum that ranges from fully partner-managed to fully Quadrotech-managed.  You were clever to observe the channel’s positive response to this paradigm shift and then emulate the model for yourselves.  We’re still a leap ahead of you, though, with our ‘fixed price / fixed outcome’ guarantee.

Thank you to the competitor who’s begun promoting their own ‘One Migration Solution’ message.  You will find it is a VERY compelling message indeed.  We know, because we’ve been advocating it for over a year with the ‘Total Enterprise Email and Archive Migration‘ capabilities of our triple-stack migration suite.  Unfortunately, you are still two pillars behind:  live mail and intelligent Public Folder migrations to Office 365 Groups.

Thank you to the competitors who recently decided to enter the PST migration market.  PST eradication is a VERY hot topic now and for the foreseeable future.  Woe to anyone, though, who attempts an enterprise-grade PST migration with a v1 product – just ask our mutual competitor who launched (and re-launched) their own PST tool at THREE Tech Ed conferences in a row.  Meanwhile, our PST FlightDeck software is being used in the largest PST eradication projects on the planet, and the just-released v5.0 raises the bar again with its ability to deploy in Azure.

Finally, thank you to all the competitors who emphasize the importance of data integrity.  This is of critical importance to all our customers for their requirements to meet compliance and discovery regulations.  This is exactly why we were the first (and, as of this writing, the only) migration vendor to achieve Gold Medal certification by an independent authority for the speed, safety, and compliance of our migration tools and services.

While we would be correct to say ‘imitation is the most irritating form of flattery,’ leaving it there would overlook the fact that you, our competitors, push us every day to ever-greater heights of innovation.  And therein lay the paradox:  Yeah, we find your predilections for following our lead annoying as hell….but we are also sincerely grateful to you because our drive to stay well ahead of your myriad mimicries has us standing shoulder-to-shoulder with global giants such as Dell and SoftBank for Microsoft’s Messaging Partner of the Year.