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Tenant to Tenant Migration and Consolidation Across all Office 365 Workloads

May 3, 2019 by Mike Weaver

The Challenges of Tenant to Tenant Migrations

Join Product Owner and Cloud Migration Expert, Mike Weaver, in this discussion with Lead Author of Office 365 for IT Pros and MVP, Tony Redmond.

The two deliberate the hot topic ‘the challenges of cloud migration’ as it has become a more pressing issue for businesses in recent years. With the uprising of mergers, acquisitions and divestitures, there is a greater need for migrating and consolidating Office 365 workloads. However, as Office 365 has become increasingly integrated and has matured with more data inundating the platform, this creates complications for organizations embarking on a migration.

Although over the past eight years the IT industry has grasped the concept of migrating various workloads, there are now new challenges with modern applications such as Microsoft Teams and Planner. The new apps generate their own data, data sources, APIs and, moreover, borrow heavily from apps like SharePoint and Exchange. In this sense, we now need to retire the old thinking of simply moving data from one place to another, because this is now void in the modern working environment.

For companies engaging in a merger, acquisition or divestiture the pain point is that there is not one singular tool that can manage the entire project. There are so many elements incorporating lawyers, analysts, technology and more. So, a fully faceted team of people is needed to execute merger and acquisitions projects, which therefore inhibits a decision point for choosing a cloud application migration strategy for many organizations. The technical part could be considered one of the easier aspects of the project because cloud data migration tools enable you to automate everything and transfer the data as quickly as possible. Therefore, meaning less time and money consumed in that aspect of the project.

Outsourcing a cloud computing migration strategy enables you to receive expert advice and management of your project. We use our intelligent reporting tools to investigate exactly what’s going on in your environment to conduct and execute this effectively, with a strong data migration plan. Click the following link if you would like more information on our market-leading Office 365 Tenant to Tenant Migration solution.

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