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Sync documents into Office 365 with Skydrive Pro

23 Jul 2013 by Dan Rose

This sole purpose of this article is to demonstrate how to setup Skydrive Pro so that you can seamlessly sync documents between you local PC and Sharepoint Online.
We are using the latest version of Office 365 (Wave 15) for this demonstration, if you are unsure of the Office 365 version then you can signup for a free trial with Cogmotive Reports which will give you this info
Before we begin you will need to have the Skydrive Pro sync client installed on your local machine.  The SkyDrive Pro sync client is available with Office 2013 or with Office 365 subscriptions that include Office 2013 applications. Failing that, a free download of the SkyDrive Pro sync client is also available.
Install the Skydrive Pro client into you local machine.
Screen Shot 2013-07-20 at 09.58.21
Log into Office 365
Navigate to the document library in Sharepoint Online that you wish to sync with your local PC.
At the top right of the page click the Sync button. The Skydrive Pro client will open and you will be asked if you want to sync the select library to your local PC.
Select the Change link to chose where you want the data sync’d to
Click Sync Now
Your files will now be copied down to your local PC. Click Show me my files to open up file explorer.
Each of you local files will have a small ‘tick‘ next to the application icon, this indicates that the files are synced with Sharepoint Online.
Add, Edit, Remove files or even folders from these synced directories will replicate to it’s partner.
To force a sync from Office 365, simply click the Sync icon at the top of the page. To force a sync from you local PC, open up the Skydrive Pro Sync client and click Sync Now