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Success Attracts Talent. Talent Drives Success.

Apr 13, 2016 by Romulo Melillo

We here at Quadrotech just closed our 11th consecutive record-breaking quarter.  Part of the credit for this can be attributed to growth in the data migration market as a whole; but the lion’s share comes down to this simple fact:  Talented people are attracted to successful companies.

And boy oh boy, are talented people attracted to Quadrotech!

Our roster is comprised of the creators of the world’s most successful email archiving platform, the builders of our industry’s first-generation migration tools and migration services companies, and the best and brightest experts who’ve established their reputations on those foundations.

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Our success – record-breaking quarter after record-breaking quarter, the world’s largest PST elimination project, the largest email archive migration in history, driving active usage for 3.7 million seats of Office 365 in Microsoft’s FY16, and so on – is 100% due to our people.  And our ability to sustain the velocity with which we are growing (triple digits year-over-year, with headcount set to double again before year end) is 100% due to fact that every week we receive employment inquiries from our competitors’ top performers.  Some of our competitors have actually resorted to implementing poison pills such as three-month notice periods in ill-conceived attempts to retain their best people.  That is easier, I suppose, than building better products or devising viable business models, but it beats the hell out of employee morale.

Unfortunately for them, no one wants to be the best player on a losing team.  Nor, for that matter, will true winners long endure a culture of middle-of-the-pack status quo.  This is the type of person who is attracted to Quadrotech regardless of whatever obstacles he or she must overcome.

More precisely, this is the type of person who thrives at Quadrotech and who in turn makes Quadrotech thrive.

Specialists in complex data migrations – particularly in PST migrations and email archive migrations – comprise a relatively small niche in Microsoft’s partner ecosystem.  We’ve crisscrossed paths for years, so we all know who’s who, where they’ve been, and what they achieved (or failed to achieve, as the case may be) while they were there.  The best and brightest congregate here at Quadrotech.

But don’t take our word for it.  Instead, add this question to your due diligence process the next time you are planning an email archive migration or PST elimination project:  “How many former Quadrotech employees do you have on staff?”  (Hint:  The answer will be zero.)  Then ask us “How many former [insert any competitor’s name] former employees do you have on staff?”

If the answer is one or more (and it will probably be more), that person will surely be happy to describe in enthusiastic detail why he or she is now a proud and happy member of the Quadrotech family.