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Striving to Listen and Grow: Introducing Archive Shuttle 9.5

Jun 24, 2019 by Jason Jacobo

Striving to Listena and Grow: Introducing Archive Shuttle 9.5

I’m happy to announce the availability of the newest release of Archive Shuttle, our email migration solution that quickly and securely migrates data to Office 365 or other archiving systems with precision and ease.

I believe listening is one of the most important skills we have, but people often laugh it off. However, by listening to others’ ideas and feedback, we can grow and improve. In Archive Shuttle 9.5, we listened to what our partners were doing, what our customers wanted, and the successes and challenges that occur daily in email and journal archive migrations.

Based on what we learned, we focused this release on these 3 areas:

  • Supporting partner growth
  • Journal Explosion scalability
  • Broader customer support

Here’s what you’ll find in Archive Shuttle 9.5:

Supporting partner growth

We continuously strive to provide support for partner technologies as they expand and grow. As a result:

  • Collection and migration of archives from Quest Archive Manager (QAM) is now supported.
  • Windows Server 2019 is now supported.
  • To align with Microsoft best practices, we removed the In-Place Hold option for leavers.
  • Enterprise Vault 12.4 is now supported as a source and target.

Journal Explosion scalability

We’ve continued to refine our Journal Explosion feature that modernizes legacy journal archives. For example, we enhanced the data discovery process:

  • Enterprise Vault journal archives without a P1 header (no regular journal messages) can be processed.
  • Email addresses can be validated during a Journal Explosion. SMTP addresses that are not valid can be filtered out during an archive export process.
  • Proxy addresses for existing JE users are now supported.

We also improved usability:

  • The JE ItemRouting batch size is now configurable.
  • Global management of leavers was enhanced via 2 new PowerShell commands covering mailbox storage quotas in Journal Explosion.
  • The UI was enhanced to display Journal Explosion mailbox quota information. The mailbox quota threshold is configurable.
  • You can now opt to include sub-mappings (detail grids) in the exported report.
  • When a PST is the target, items for a certain user can be re-exported.
  • All mappings in Stage 1 now display on the same page.

Broader customer support

We continue to focus on enhancements that result in broader customer support. In this release, we extend the scalability of Archive Shuttle:

  • Now, when you perform an action against an Office 365 link, only modules associated with that link are used in the execution of the applicable command.
  • It’s now possible to run AS Core Windows services on multiple machines.
  • SQL performance was optimized. Temporary tables are now used instead of in statements containing a lot of parameters.

Additionally, we support more user use cases:

  • Mailboxes with no association to Active Directory users present in the Archive Shuttle database (they don’t match based on UPN or email address) can now be synchronized and stored.

For a full report of what’s new in Archive Shuttle 9.5, check out the release notes.