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Streamlined sign-up process for Radar Reporting

13 Sep 2018 by chris.cahill

In an ongoing effort to improve user experience, we recently revamped the sign-up process for our suite of Office 365 Reporting Tools, making it clearer and easier to get started.

Initially, new users create trial accounts, with Radar Reporting granted read-only access to your Office 365 tenant, enabling the collection of data for automated reports. As such, only those with Global Administrator rights can complete the setup process.

We’ve streamlined the steps involved, as depicted below.

A quick look at the sign-up page

As you may expect, contact details are required to register an account. They key thing to highlight here, is to ensure you provide a valid email address, as this will be used to send a password reset link.


Ascreen shot showing the first step for signing up to Radar.

Once all details are entered, please review our terms of service, and tick the box to confirm you agree on behalf of your organization. Hit ‘Continue Setup’ to proceed to the next step.

Redirection to Microsoft Office 365

A redirection message will appear, informing that you’re being taken to the Office 365 login page. After clicking ‘OK’, you’ll have to sign in with an administrator account to approve the use of the Radar Reporting application.

A screen shot showing the next step in the Radar Reporting sign-up process.

You’ll then be prompted to ‘Accept’ the access request, which will take you back to Radar to finalize the account setup.

A screen shot showing the third step in signing up to Radar.

Service Account

A service account must be created, granting Radar Reporting access to your Office 365 tenant. This can either be done automatically, or you may wish to do so manually – in which case, please refer to this support article for further guidance.

A screen shot showing where to create a service account for Radar Reporting

If opting for automatic setup, simply enter your Office 365 Global Administrator details. This information is only used to create the account, and will not be stored on our system once setup is complete.

Data Collection

After completing setup, Radar will get to work collecting data and generating reports. Time frames vary depending on tenant size, but you’ll be notified when reports are ready.

Aside from some export restrictions, Radar trials offer fully-functional access, and you’ll soon be empowered with actionable insights into your Office 365 ecosystem.

If you’d like to learn more, please try the full-feature live demo.

Alternatively, why not experience the easy sign-up yourself by registering for a trial? We don’t ask for any credit card details, so, provided you have Global Admin rights, you can immediately access Radar to see exactly how it can optimize and protect your Office 365 environment. Sign-up for your free trial here.