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Spotlight on Archive Shuttle: A new release and a new product owner

Jan 24, 2018 by Emma Robinson

Archive Shuttle is one of our oldest products, but it has also remained one of our most popular. The archive migration solution helps organizations migrate legacy email archives into Exchange, Office 365, or other archiving systems.

The end of 2017 saw the release of Archive Shuttle 8.3, and the start of the new year brings a new Product Owner, Jason Jacobo to the team. In honour of this, we thought it was time to shine a light on Archive Shuttle, find out more about this release, and get to know the new team lead a bit better with a quickfire Q&A.

How would you describe yourself?

‘I would describe myself as an “exploratory tinkerer” and a technical veteran. I’ve been in the industry for decades, in a variety of different roles. I think the main thing that drew me to technology was a passion for solving problems wherever I see them.’

This is a new role for you, but you’ve been at Quadrotech for a while, what did you do before?

‘Yes, I’m no stranger to the company, I’ve been at Quadrotech for over 3 years. Until January, I was the Delivery Team lead for North America. My role involved the successful delivery of migrations from start to finish. This included working on projects of all sizes and shapes, including large, complex ones and those with cool, bespoke requirements.

I also worked with other talented people in the organization to create processes for the delivery of products to ensure everything runs as smoothly and successfully as possible. Sometimes, this meant starting from the beginning, and pioneering completely new procedures to find the best strategy. I also fed the product feedback machine frequently, providing suggestions gathered from project experiences, suggestions, customer feedback, or other random ideas.’

Why did you want to work on Archive Shuttle?

‘Archive Shuttle is a very important product in our portfolio. As someone who’s got over a decade’s worth of experience in migrating email archive data, Archive Shuttle is hands down the best software in its class that I have ever worked with.’

What are you most looking forward to?

‘I’ve worked with the Archive Shuttle team a lot during my time at Quadrotech, and they’re great, so talented and dedicated – I’m very excited to work with such a fantastic group of people.

Product management will be a big change for me, I’m used to being a different part of the process, so it will be interesting to see Archive Shuttle from a slightly different perspective – I can’t wait to get started!’

Any potential challenges you see up ahead?

‘Historic processes have generated a backlog of innovative ideas for Archive Shuttle awaiting implementation. What we need to do now, is review these ideas, and get the best ones into the product. It will be a challenge at the start, but it’s so valuable, and a great opportunity to further improve and develop the product!’

What’s the future for Archive Shuttle?

‘If I had to put it into three words: bright, driven, and inclusive.

From a product prospective, we have a lot of ideas in the hopper, and a team anxious to take them on. This is a great position to be in. I would rather have too many great ideas to decide from than not enough any day! Given some of the ideas I have read, and the support behind this product, I think that Archive Shuttle will continue to be a leader in the migration space and will redefine what archive migrations can look and feel like.

In addition to the above, I think that we can also play an important role in the migration community. There are a lot of challenges to performing a migration and a lot of things to think about when considering performing one. As a member of that community, I would have appreciated someone sharing their experiences along the way….so that I could avoid enduring the same obstacles.  I think that I work amongst the most talented members of the migration community and hope to highlight some of those challenges, and the approaches that can be taken to address them’

What’s new in Archive Shuttle 8.3?

‘Our largest addition to this version of Archive Shuttle is the inclusion of another source into our latest major feature, PST Journal Explosion.  This feature permits us to take a PST and deliver a copy of the message to each recipient’s mailbox, mostly for legal or compliance searching. We can do this in a way that is both invisible to the user and does not impact their storage quota’s…. but also, can migrate the content to a user accessible location…should that be a customer’s desire. With Journal PSTs that originated in another archiving solution as a common source, exploding PSTs was a natural enhancement to our Explosion capabilities initially released in version 8.0.

I would suggest these are the major players in this release; but we have scores of additional enhancements, improvements, and features – harvested from feedback from partners, consultants, and customers. These are centered around improving usability, fast troubleshooting, and improving performance in all areas of the product.’

Want to find out more about Archive Shuttle? Get more information here on our archive migration solution.