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Skype for Business User Reports

Jun 6, 2015 by Emma Robinson

Almost 2 years ago to the day we launched our first Lync Online reports into our Office 365 reporting tool.  Customers have used these reports to understand at a tenant level how Lync, or now Skype for Business, was being used and adopted within their environments.

Microsoft have recently made changes to Office 365 which allows us to now collect the same Skype for Business reporting information on a per user basis, rather than just at a company level.

This allows companies using our Office 365 Reports to see who is using Skype for Business and how they are using it on a much more granular level than previously.

Today, we launch two new Skype for Business Office 365 reports into our suite.

Inactive Skype for Business Users

This report shows you any users that have a Skype for Business account, but are not actively using the service for a period of time.

Inactive Skype for Business Users
This report can be customised and filtered to measure adoption across different departments, country or any other metric you choose.

Skype for Business Activity by User

The Activity reports shows you how each user is using Skype for Business.  Using this report you can see the types of sessions each employee is performing on Skype.  For example, are participating in or initiating Video or Audio conferences.


Skype for Business Activity by User