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Skype for Business Client Devices Reports

Sep 15, 2015 by Ian Byrne

Skype for Business, formerly known as Lync, is a great collaboration tool that allows your users to easily communicate with each other. Many of its features, particularly the messaging functionality, can be used across multiple devices within your Microsoft Office 365 environment.

To help visualise which devices your users are interacting with the most, Cogmotive have just released two new reports:

  • Skype for Business Client Devices per Month
  • Skype for Business Client Devices per User

The Skype for Business Client Devices per Month report displays the number of users who have used Skype per device, per month.

This allows you to develop training resources for the most popular devices, measure adoption across different device form factors and nicely complements our existing suite of Skype for Business reports.


The Skype for Business Client Devices per User report shows a breakdown of the number of Skype activities that each user has done, over a given month. An activity can be anything from an instant message to a video call, or anything else you can do with Skype.

Skype for Business is currently available on Windows (PC), Windows Phone, Android, iPhone and iPad.

These two are just the latest in an ever-expanding list of our available reports for Microsoft Office 365 and are immediately available to existing customers of our Office 365 reporting product. If you would like greater visibility within your own environment, why not learn more about our Office 365 reporting software.