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SharePoint Online Storage Report

Oct 20, 2015 by Emma Robinson

We spoke to a lot of SharePoint Administrators when designing our new SharePoint Online Reports and it was no surprise to hear that many of them had the same problems.

One of the most common issues we heard about was what happens when a SharePoint Site Collection consumes all the available quota – all of a sudden no-one can save any items to SharePoint and everyone calls the IT Department in an irate huff!

There are two solutions to this problem.

1. Buy more storage
This costs your company money and doesn’t really address the root of the problem.

2. Find out what is consuming the quota
The best way to resolve this issue is to identify where the large files and folders are when they were put there and by who.  To help you out with this task we’ve developed our new SharePoint Online Storage Report.

SharePoint Storage Report

This interactive tool allows SharePoint Administrators to quickly identify Site Collections that are nearing or exceeding their quota and drill down into exactly where the storage is being consumed.  You can also see when the folder or document library was last modified and who by.  We like to think of it as a TreeSize tool for SharePoint Online.

In the example above you can see that someone created a Document Library under the Facilities site called Garth’s Holiday Snaps – maybe not the most appropriate thing to store in a corporate SharePoint Site Collection.  You can see that Garth was the last person to modify this library as well.  Instead of buying more storage, perhaps we can contact Garth and ask him to move these files to his OneDrive instead.

There you go – you’ve just saved your company money!

This is just one of the many new reports and features that we’ve designed in conjunction with SharePoint Administrators and you’ll find it in our Office 365 reporting software.