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Schedule a Dashboard

14 Dec 2017 by Doug Davis

Dashboards are a great way to get a quick clear overview of useful information. The Dashboard feature has been in the Radar Reporting modules for a while now, offering a simple way to create multiple dashboard views, monitor Office 365 operations for a specific area, and identify issues at a glance.

First publish-able, now schedule-able

In August 2017, we added functionality to make all dashboards publishable. This feature enabled users to securely publish dashboards to a URL, so it can be viewed by others (who do not need access to Radar Reporting).

Now, we are pleased to announce we have a new option to ‘Schedule a Dashboard’, it enables Admins to send a PDF of the dashboard to their chosen recipients at the precise time and date they choose. This feature is only available for Radar Reporting Admins, you will not be able to use it if you have a user account without these privileges. The PDF can be sent to anyone the Admin chooses, and the recipients do not need to have an account for Radar Reporting.

This functionality means that when the dashboard is fully up to date at the time of sending, so whether this is month-end, or to monitor a particular, timely issue – you can ensure that the dashboard view you send conveys your exact requirements.

How to schedule a dashboard

To ‘Schedule a Dashboard’, select or prepare your dashboard to show the information you need, save it, and once completed, click the ‘Options menu’ and then the ‘Schedule Dashboard’ option.

Once selected you will be taken through the familiar schedule dialog, however you’ll notice that PDF output will be the only option.
Complete the Scheduling options, choose the timeframe you would like and click Finish. The Dashboard will now be sent on the schedule you have set. You can see the status of the scheduling in the ‘Saved Reports and Alerts’ on the Dashboard Scheduled Reports Tab.
Note: The Home Dashboard cannot be scheduled or published. If you would like to schedule your home dashboard, you can simply replicate it by adding the same widgets, and then follow the same steps to schedule it for your chosen date and time.

Want to start scheduling some dashboards? If you’re a Radar for Security & Audit customer, simply log in here and try the feature now.

If you’re new to Radar Reporting, and want to see what how advanced Office 365 reporting and analytics can help you better understand your environment, why not sign up for a free 14-day trial?