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Reviewing the power of Quadrotech’s cloud migration products

Jul 24, 2015 by Mike Weaver

With the release of Mailbox Shuttle and the huge increase in the number of organizations moving to Office 365 – Microsoft claims 35% of Exchange installed base is now on Office 365! I think it is a great time to review the power of our cloud migration products.  Today I am going to review, in my opinion, the 3 most important things about our cloud offerings.

  1. Data Security: I think the number one topic we talk about when clients look into Quadrotech’s cloud products is around data security (which is great!) All of us as IT professionals have a duty to protect the data of our organization and be good citizens, it’s a topic that everyone takes very seriously including Microsoft with Office 365. Like Archive Shuttle, Mailbox Shuttle only keeps meta-data.  One of my colleagues has an excellent post on what is included, and more importantly, not included in meta-data.  This enables us to provide our product in the cloud, but ensure we keep your data in your walls.
  2. Hardware: One of the biggest, and most frustrating, parts of a migration is the idea of temporary hardware.  Migration projects are short in duration, but at the same time are very complex.  The idea that I have to buy more hardware, secure SQL licensing, and more to support a migration project quite frankly stinks.  With our Cloud products, we can minimize this footprint.  We provide the SQL servers and application servers leaving you with a small required foot print for the migration.  For small organizations that may not have this hardware available, this is huge.  For large organizations, this allows us to provide you with a large amount of processing power, without having to beg and borrow for hardware.
  3. TTFI: The final aspect I am going to cover is one of our favorite points around our products, which is TTFI.  This is “Time To First Item” – here’s an interesting independent look at the different migration measurements. No matter how prepared a company is, many times customization in the environment (or an issue with one requirement) can get in the way of the product getting up and running.  With our cloud offering, most of the complements are running in our cloud where we can provision instance in less than 90 seconds.  With this methodology we see, on average, our Archive Shuttle clients up and running, and a TTFI of less than 2 hours (some less than an hour!)

Archive Shuttle.Cloud

I think the key message with our Cloud Offerings is reducing your project duration.  We have worked relentlessly on our migration practices to get your project completed as quickly as possible.  With the cloud offerings, we add another aspect to this.  Add on the migration speed (extraction AND ingestion) and the result is a drastic drop in project duration.

Migration projects are temporary projects.  This also means that for most professionals this will not be their main skill set.  Allow Quadrotech to make you successful in your project and give you more time back to focus on the other aspects of our changing IT Ecosystem.

Why not put us to the test and ask how our email archive migration offerings can help get you migrating?