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Report on Office 365 Administrator accounts

20 Jan 2014 by Emma Robinson

After recently discovering a security vulnerability in Office 365 that allowed any employee to get Full Administrator access to their company’s tenant, we were determined to find a way to help our customers protect themselves against this.
Introducing the Administrative Roles report which allows Cogmotive Reports customers to easily identify which users have Administrator permissions.
A Cogmotive Reports user can schedule this report to be emailed to them every morning before they get in to work for the day. This user can then quickly glance over the report whilst they are drinking their coffee to make sure no sneaky hackers gave themselves Administrator access overnight.
Like most of our reports, this one consists of a graph and a data table.
The graph shows the number of members in each group.

Graph showing Number of Administrators

Graph showing Number of Administrators

The data table below the graph gives detailed information about exactly who is in which group.
Data Table showing detailed information

Data Table showing detailed information

Additional columns can be added to give you more information, including the users Last Logon Time and UserPrincipalName.
Table with extra columns added

Table with extra columns added

We believe this is a great addition to our range of Audit and Compliance reports.
If you’re not a Cogmotive Reports customer and want access to this report, why not sign up for our free trial?