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Report how many times a user installed Office Pro Plus in Office 365

Jun 28, 2015 by Emma Robinson

Some Office 365 Licences allow a user to install up to 5 copies of the Microsoft Office Desktop Software (Office 365 ProPlus).

Until now, it was impossible for Office 365 Administrators to find out which of their employees had taken advantage of this and to manage these installations in a central location.  Unfortunately, at this time, there is no way to retrieve this information programmatically so we are unable to create a report for it within our Office 365 reporting software. Hopefully, Microsoft will provide customers with a way to access this information via an API or cmdlet soon.

In the meantime, to find out if a user has installed Office ProPlus, firstly log in to the Office 365 Admin portal with an administrator account.

Next, click the Users section in the left-hand navigation and browse to Active Users
List Active Users

Select the user you are interested in and click the Edit button in the right-hand action pane.

Mange Office Installations

You will now see all the installations of Office ProPlus for this user along with an obstruficated computer name and the date it was installed. List all Installations
From here you can also deactivate a computer installation, which will allow that user to install it again on another computer if they have reached their license limit.

Deactivating a device doesn’t remove the app from the device. If this person wants to keep using the app on a device you have deactivated, they can reactivate it the next time they open the app.