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Removing an Email Address from a Distribution Group in Office 365

Oct 24, 2012 by Emma Robinson

A visitor asked a great question to us in the comments section – How do we remove an address from a Distribution Group?

Luckily, this is now easier than it ever was!

We start off, as usual, by using Powershell to connect to Office 365.

First, we check out what email addresses this Distribution Group has attached to it.

PS C:\> Get-DistributionGroup newsletter | select emailaddresses
PS C:\>

For this example, we will be removing the email address without affecting the other email addresses using the following command.

Set-DistributionGroup newsletter -EmailAddresses @{Remove=''}

Finally, we check the distribution list to make sure the email addresses look how we expect!

PS C:\> Get-DistributionGroup newsletter2 | select emailaddresses
PS C:\>

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