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Release Announcement: Archive Shuttle 9.9

Jun 1, 2020 by Jason Jacobo

I’m happy to announce the general availability of Archive Shuttle 9.9, the latest development of our market-leading email archive migration software.

Archive Shuttle is a trusted solution to quickly and securely migrate data to Office 365 or other archiving systems with precision and ease. The latest iteration introduces two new killer features, and much more.

Keep reading to learn more about what you’ll find in this jam-packed release.

Two Killer Features

We added two new features to enhance the process of moving from Enterprise Vault to Office 365. Here’s what we did:

First, Office 365 retention can be set at the point of import during a migration from Enterprise Vault to Office 365. This ensures no data spoilage occurs during a long-running migration.

Second, you now have the option to restore original Enterprise Vault items from foreign shortcuts within a user’s mailbox into the same location with our flexible and customizable migration workflows.

A boatload of other enhancements

We packed this release with several other notable enhancements. Take a look:

  • All shortcut collection operations are now consolidated and performed by the Shortcut Processing Module.
  • The Shortcut Processing Module can now be installed without requiring Outlook to be installed.
  • During Enterprise Vault to Office 365 shortcut processing, connection to the EV directory database is no longer required.
  • Shortcut processing configuration is now dynamically assigned based on the container being processed.
  • Now, Shortcut collection is always enabled and runs only when needed.
  • It’s now possible to disable the cleanup of the staging area.

For a full report of what’s new in Archive Shuttle 9.9, check out the release notes, and if you’d like to discuss an upcoming email archive migration project, please contact our specialist team today.

Jason Jacobo

Jason has been at Quadrotech since 2014, moving from the Delivery team to Product Owner for Archive Shuttle. He has been in the industry for decades, in a variety of different roles. Jason would describe himself as an “exploratory tinkerer” and a technical veteran. The main thing that drew him to technology was a passion for solving problems wherever he sees them.