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Release Announcement: Archive Shuttle 9.7 Supports Metalogix Archive Manager as a Source

Nov 4, 2019 by Jason Jacobo

The next iteration of our email archive migration solution, Archive Shuttle, is available. Archive Shuttle quickly and securely migrates data to Office 365 or other archiving systems with precision and ease. In Archive Shuttle 9.7 we introduce something new, refine something current, and revisit something old. Keep reading to learn what this means to those interested in Archive Shuttle migrations.

New feature: Metalogix Archive Manager as a source is supported

I’m pleased to announce that Archive Shuttle 9.7 can migrate data from Metalogix Archive Manager into our supported target systems. We’re regularly asked to expand our list of supported sources or targets. Evaluating each request can be tricky, as there are several factors that can play into the value vs. costs of expanding our connectors. When an important partner of ours approached us asking if we would support Metalogix as a source, it became clear that we could and that we should.

Here’s what we changed to support this new source:

  • Several PowerShell commands were updated.
  • UI and database changes were made.
  • Module and core changes were made.
  • The module installer was enhanced.

Refining Journal Explosion

We’ve been refining our Journal Explosion feature for several releases now. The Archive Shuttle Journal Explosion feature makes it possible to migrate a journal archive to a target environment in a special way that fans-out, or ‘explodes’ the recipient list. If an original message was addressed to 5 different people, then the item is exported, and ingested into up to 6 target containers.

You’ll find these Journal Explosion enhancements in Archive Shuttle 9.7:

  • The handling of too long or not valid email addresses when using Journal Explosion was enhanced.
  • Import folder assignment behavior for Journal Explosion mappings was enhanced.
  • PowerShell scripts related to Journal Explosion processes were optimized.

Overhauled the Failed Items page

You know the saying, “Don’t fix what’s not broken?” Well, even when something isn’t completely broken, it still might not be working as well as it could if it got a tune-up. That was the case with the Failed Items page. The Failed Items page is used to identify and address any issues that come up when items are ingested. We knew we could make a few adjustments and fine tune the page, so it works better. And it does. You’ll see a dramatic improvement at scale with the new page. Here are some of the changes you’ll notice:

For a full report of what’s new in Archive Shuttle 9.7, check out the release notes.