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Release announcement: Archive Shuttle 9.3 is available

Dec 17, 2018 by Jason Jacobo

We have some exciting things planned for Archive Shuttle in the new year. You’ll notice the 9.3 release includes primarily maintenance items geared toward improving existing processes and features. Our team wanted to do some cleanup work before we close out 2018 and look ahead. Here are some of the key changes:

Preview Features introduced

Designing and creating new features is an iterative process. There’s a first version of a feature. That version rarely includes the bells and whistles that’ll be in the second, third, or fourth version.

But some people want that first version. It doesn’t make sense to hold off on making it available until the bells and whistles are done.

Historically, new Archive Shuttle features became generally available when the first version was complete. We found there were some early adopters of these new features. But most waited to try new technologies until they matured.

As a result, you’ll notice our release process is a bit different. Going forward, new features will be released as Preview Features. They won’t be automatically available right away. Rather, you can reach out to get access to them when you’re ready.

Enterprise Vault 12.3.2 support added

As of Archive Shuttle 9.3, modules are compatible with Enterprise Vault 12.3.2. Look here for a full list of software applications that are compatible with Archive Shuttle.

Existing features and processes enhanced

Nearly all development efforts were dedicated to making features function more efficiently. For example:

  • The PowerShell library was expanded and now includes several commands to help with configuring mapping templates. Other existing commands were improved, and additional parameters were added.
  • SQL was optimized.
  • Several performance improvements were made to the Bulk Mapping
  • The handling of users who leave the organization during a migration was enhanced. You can find more information on leavers here.
  • SQL scripts used to clean up the Journal Explosion staging area were enhanced.

Journal Explosion management expanded

Speaking of Journal Explosion, we made several enhancements to it. You’ll notice:

  • The Import from CSV feature was enhanced and now you can opt to update existing user mappings.
  • You can set conditions and automatically enable users and domains for import.

By the way, Journal Explosion might be one of those new features (mentioned above) that you haven’t tried yet. You can read more about it here.

Finally, here’s a video showing some of the new stuff included in this release:



For a full report of what’s new in Archive Shuttle 9.3, check out the release notes here.