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Release Announcement: Archive Shuttle 10.1

Nov 23, 2020 by Jason Jacobo

I have the pleasure of announcing the general availability of Archive Shuttle 10.1the latest development of our market-leading email archive migration software. 

Archive Shuttle quickly and securely migrates data to Office 365, or other archiving systems, with precision and ease. The latest iteration introduces:  

  • Enhanced product efficiency 
  • Improved usability 
  • The ability to write native archive output files to the desired storage location 
  • Support for Exchange 2019 as a target 
  • And more 

Keep reading to learn about these enhancements. 

Enhanced product efficiency 

The development team worked to improve the efficiency of the product. Their work was focused on these areas: 

  • Mapping deletion logic was moved to the core service. 
  • The item collection process was enhanced. Multiple collections can no longer run against the same archive simultaneously. 
  • Virtual Journal Stage 2 command processing was enhanced to only run against a single mapping.  

Improved usability 

An effort was focused on making Archive Shuttle easier to useHere’s how: 

  • It’s now easier to see scheduled tasks and force a scheduled task to run. 
  • Management of problematic ingestion accounts was enhanced. 
  • The Health Check WebAPI was enhanced, so now a parent node shows information about application health (such as UI, databaseweb service, license health).  
  • PowerShell administration and management was enhanced. 

Introduced a new module 

A new module was introduced that writes native archive output files to the desired storage location.  This new module optionally converts MSG files to EML and writes them to a storage provider of choice at scale and speed. This enables ingestion to Azure, Amazon S3, and UNC. 

A few more notable enhancements 

Beyond the enhancements mentioned above, Development also worked to: 

  • Add the ability to test OAuth/Azure/Amazon credentials to the Credential Editor. 
  • Validate support for Exchange 2019 as a target. A full list of supported sources and targets is here. 

For a full report of whats new in Archive Shuttle 10.1, check out therelease notes. 

Jason Jacobo

Jason has been at Quadrotech since 2014, moving from the Delivery team to Product Owner for Archive Shuttle. He has been in the industry for decades, in a variety of different roles. Jason would describe himself as an “exploratory tinkerer” and a technical veteran. The main thing that drew him to technology was a passion for solving problems wherever he sees them.