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Reflecting on an Action-packed Week at WPC16

Jul 15, 2016 by Dan Langille

We just wrapped up an incredible week at Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference, and logic plus the laws of nature should dictate total exhaustion after four flat-out 18-hour days of meetings, sessions, and parties…..but instead I feel as though I’ve been jacked up with a jolt of high-voltage electricity.  Seriously, how could one not be energized after being lauded as a finalist for Messaging Partner of the Year, winning IAMCP’s APAC Partner of the Year (an honor we owe to the stellar work of our partner Insentra), and hosting two sessions on how we empower our partners to increase their revenues by collaborating with us to bring home to Office 365 the email workloads outside the scope of Microsoft’s FastTrack Centers?WPC is the event where Microsoft tells its partners how to make money in the year ahead.  It is also the event where we as a partner describe for Microsoft how we are going to help them achieve their objectives in the year ahead.  And for FY17, the message is succinct and crystal clear:  Drive active usage of the cloud.

FY16 was tremendous, but it’s now a memory; the reset button has been pushed, and we have a blank slate to fill as we execute on our commitment to Microsoft to help them win the cloud in FY17.  To that end, we’ve made proactive investments in support of their primary objectives:

  • Drive active usage of Office 365. We’re a scant two weeks into Microsoft FY17, and already we’ve closed eight deals in four countries that will bring home 254 TBs of data to Office 365 and drive active usage of 97,700 seats – which equates to $23.4 million of influenced revenue at the annualized contract value of an E3 license.
  • Drive Azure consumption and new customer acquisition.  With all credit and gratitude to Karen Fassio, Sharon Lee, and Chai Dutt for including us in the #cloudready program, we’ve ‘Azure optimized’ some of our existing IP and are about to release some new IP to address a 60 PB / 15,000 customer Azure storage opportunity we identified through that program.
  • Build the intelligent cloud. PowerBI, analytics, and Cortana will feature prominently in Microsoft’s FY17 objectives and so will they be focal points in the evolution of our IP.  We’ve already built patent-pending Deep Analytics Technology (DAT) into ADAM, our public folder migration solution, and very soon you will see mind-blowing integrations to follow.
  • Win in education. Google has historically enjoyed much success in the EDU vertical.  We will in FY17 help Microsoft make history of that historical success.  Microsoft has invested heavily in high-value, EDU-specific offerings, and we will announce by month’s end a program to drive EDU adoption of those offerings.

We bet our business on Microsoft in FY16, and that bet paid off in spades.  Now, in FY17, we’re doubling down on that bet in our development roadmap, in our go-to-market strategies, and in our team’s growth and professional development.  FY16 was a wild, exciting ride….but I guarantee by this time next year it will seem like a sedate stroll in the park to what we will have enabled Microsoft to achieve in FY17.