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Radar Reporting release: SMS Alerting

27 Sep 2017 by Doug Davis

The Audit Timeline in Radar for Security & Audit allows you to filter down to a very granular level – but when it comes to protecting your environment from potential threats that’s not always enough. Once you have configured your filters to show the views that you need to track and monitor, how do you keep a constant, vigilant eye on any changes? The answer is you can’t, not without wasting unnecessary time or effort by checking them regularly – you need alerting. If something changes, alerts ensure that you are notified as soon as possible, so that you can investigate suspicious activity or potential threats.

Following our recent release of email alerting for Radar Security & Audit, we are extremely excited to announce Mobile Text (SMS) alerting! The new SMS alerting option is a setting that allows you to be notified in near real time if a particular filter has been triggered by an event.

How it Works

To set up an alert, first make sure that the filter is configured correctly to trigger the notification you need. Then, click on the alarm bell icon.


You can also set an email alert in this dialog – it is not required, but is recommended. For SMS alerting enter the full phone number including area code preceded by the + sign.


Once saved, the alert will become active. To turn off the alert, delete from the Saved Reports and Alerts node.

We hope this new feature enables you to better protect your environment, and delivers a bit more peace of mind – that if something happens, you’ll know about it straight away, and be ready to act on it.

Note: Not all countries are currently supported, and there is also a limit of 300 SMS messages per month. There is no limit on the number of email alerts you can get.

Countries supported include all of Europe, North America, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, South Africa, Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan.

If you wish to add your country to this list please contact Support.

Want to add SMS alerting for your organization? If you’re an existing customer, simply log in here.

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