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Questions around Quadrotech: Answers to questions you never asked

17 Jul 2018 by Tiffany Bailey

You get asked lots of questions at work. So do we. Do you ever ask your coworkers what people ask them? No? Me neither. Well, until today. Here’s what a few Quadrotech coworkers said when I asked them, “What do people ask you most often at work?”

Peter Holy has been Quadrotech’s Wreck-It Ralph (more officially, a QA Engineer) for 2 years. He tries to wreck everything that seems to be working, so we can work out kinks and deliver working solutions to our customers.

What Peter hears: How was your weekend? The answer, the weekend was probably peachy, he’s busy working on his bathroom (he’s currently installing wall tiles).

He also hears: Have you tested this feature/do you know what is the correct behavior of it? And, he’d probably answer that he tested it and needs to check his notes (or ask a developer) about correct behavior.

Kelsey Rasco has been with Quadrotech for over a year. She currently serves as the Global Renewal Specialist. It’s her job to make sure our Radar Reporting customers are happy and fully utilizing our Office 365 reporting solution.

What Kelsey hears: When are you going for lunch?

Oh, she’s also asked plenty of migration-related questions, which is not in her scope of expertise. 😊

Jason Jacobo currently serves as Product Owner of Archive Shuttle and EVnearSync. He’s been with Quadrotech for 3.5 years. Jason fits about 2 times more words into a meeting than normal humans. He’s a bit like this guy:

As a result, Jason often hears: Can you repeat that? He might not always remember what he just said. So, it’s important to drink some coffee before a meeting with Jason. And, give him your full attention during meetings.

Leah Theil worked as a Senior Consultant with Quadrotech for over 2 years. She’s in the process of transitioning into a role as a Technical Product Manager for something new and flashy we have in the works.

What Leah hears: When are you available for a meeting?

If you ask this, Leah will likely send you a meeting poll through FindTime or she’ll provide a couple of time slots that she’s available.

Finally, I’m Tiffany Bailey. I’ve been writing content about Quadrotech systems as a Senior Technical Writer for about 4 months. Since I’m new to the company and the first full-time technical writer, people aren’t totally sure what I do yet.

As a result, I often hear: Can you help me with X?

What’s X (the variable)? It could be architectural diagrams, communications materials, training content, or an online help article. I’m happy to help wherever there’s a need.

What’s your question?

There are some answers to everything you never wanted to know. Dare to tell us what you really want to know? We’ll be happy to answer any questions or respond to any needs you have. Just reach out with your questions here.