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QUADROtech Releases Enhanced ArchiveShuttle 6.6 with Advanced Ingestion Protocol

15 Jan 2015 by Orlaith Palmer

(Available From Friday 16 Jan 2015)

Quadrotech is proud to announce the release of the newly Gold Certified ArchiveShuttle 6.6, now upgraded to provide our customers with revolutionary capabilities for the ingestion of email archives into Office365 and Exchange OnPremise.

Until now, Exchange Web Services (EWS) or MAPI were the primary method of archive ingestion to Office365 or Exchange, which could be time consuming, and potentially harmful to future forensic analysis due to the way the email items are reformed upon ingestion. By utilizing Quadrotechs Advanced Ingestion Protocol, you can be assured that mail items transferred to Office365 or Exchange remain exactly the same as when they went in, quickly, securely and with integrity as a priority.

Working with Delegate, one of our premium Microsoft partners in Denmark, we were able to prove not only the speed of this approach, but also its safety.

”Being able to migrate 150 items/second with Quadrotechs new AIP protocol from Enterprise Vault to Office 365 is an incredible change from previous versions of ArchiveShuttle. Previously, we saw very good ingestion performance with traditional EWS ingestion of 24 items/second in the environment for a current customer. In this particular case we are able to exceed the business demands of decommissioning the Enterprise Vault servers in the first half on 2015. This is a huge cost saving for our customer, and allowed us to complete the migration much faster than anticipated.”

Henrik Damslund – Infrastructure & Search Architect – Delegate, Denmark.

We also have an expanded cloud offering to further empower you with the capabilities for a faster, safer migration project. With the Quadrotech cloud, you can avoid costly server provisioning and workshop hours by letting our cloud take the strain. This allows us to complete pilot migrations in mere hours and, as we only ever access the metadata of the emails to migrate them from source to target, the actual content never leaves your company’s boundaries, preserving your compliance and security policies at all times.

“ArchiveShuttle 6.6 is a game changer for the migration market due to the speed AIP helps our customers migrate their legacy archives to Office365. By avoiding traditional approaches such as EWS, migrations and the adoption of Office 365 can occur much faster without the need for email items to be reformed upon ingestion meaning migrations are now finally forensically verifiable.”

Peter Kozak – CEO of Quadrotech

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