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QUADROtech and Insentra complete a 14TB migration to E.V 10 for Fujitsu Australia

Dec 17, 2014 by Orlaith Palmer

Quadrotech and Insentra deploy the ArchiveShuttle to successfully migrate 14TB of Fujitsu’s email archives to E.V 10 with no user disruption or downtime. Please learn more about our Archive Migration to Office 365 service.

Project Snapshot

  • Source – EV8 SP5, single server
  • Destination – EV10 SP4 on 3 servers
  • Size of archive – 14TB
  • Number of mailboxes – 17,150

Why the switch?

Fujitsu wanted to move onto a newer archive platform to provide a better experience for their users. Also, with growing mail volumes, they wanted to take the load off their E.V environment to better handle the nightly archiving of mailboxes. This would require a switch from a single vault store, to three.

“The Symantec Enterprise Vault server which archives our Exchange 2003 data needed an upgrade to align with our changing business demands.”

Chiara Jones, Platform Services Manager at Fujitsu Australia.

Why ArchiveShuttle?

Combined with Insentra’s experience with migration projects, the ArchiveShuttle was the ideal tool for the job thanks in part to the Sync’n’Switch feature. This helps synchronize a temporary archive in the background then switch the user according to determined rules.

How did we approach the project?

Fujitsu’s key project requirement was to ensure the staff’s email access wasn’t disrupted while live and archive migration occurred in parallel. Once Fujitsu’s live Microsoft Exchange mailbox migration was complete for a group of users, ArchiveShuttle’s “Sync’n’Switch” feature switched the users to complete the archive migration to the new Symantec EV environment. The automatic conversion of mailbox shortcuts and decommissioning of the old EV archive platform formed the final part of the workflow.

What was the benefit of this?

Users didn’t even know there was a migration project running or that their archives are now hosted on new EV servers. They also have greater access to Vault Cache and Virtual Vault that were limited in the original environment.

What were the results?

Without affecting the user experience, Fujitsu was able to successfully migrate the existing Symantec EV environment to their new Symantec EV platform. With a data migration success rate over 99.97%, the integrity of Fujitsu’s data was never compromised.