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Christmas Has Come Early at QUADROtech

28 Oct 2014 by olpa

In response to the demand for cloud controlled email migration we are extending our datacenter and the hardware for the next phase of our platform has arrived!

Our operations team have big smiles on their faces!

The addition of five brand new servers, each with 24 cores based on INTEL XEON technology and 512GB of RAM, will help to extend the current cloud platform and ensure that optimum performance and required resources are always available.

We have also extended our Tier-0 storage for SQL Databases and have an additional 48 TB of high availability & high performance pure SSD disk space on-demand. Furthermore, the cloud infrastructure will be upgraded to a 10-Gbit backbone. We hope to have everything prepared and fully racked up in the main datacenter by mid-November. is now running over 30 migrations in parallel and we will soon have the capability for many more. With the 2nd phase of the resource extension complete, we will be able to launch and in addition to is committed to helping customers and partners reduce the required amount of OnPremise hardware for migrations and reducing the required time “to-first-item-migrated”. hardware














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