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How QUADROtech can help you take the strain out of your migration resolution

13 Jan 2015 by Orlaith Palmer

As we begin the New Year, many of us look to commit to resolutions to improve our professional and personal lives. From getting fitter, eating healthier or looking at ways to save money, these resolutions can either be very helpful, or largely forgotten by mid-January. However, looking at ways to be more cost-effective or tackling important projects you might’ve been putting off, are always worthy of consideration.

Those working in the administration and management of email archives may have found that rapidly increasing email volumes have created a more pressing need to migrate them to newer or more cheaper archive platforms such as Office365. It’s understandable that these projects can be put off due to the perceived expense, time and possible risk involved, but the Quadrotech approach to migration, where powerful tools meet best practice methodology, can help you tackle these concerns with ease.

Cloud – Cost effective and secure

Our email archives are as essential to our day-to-day work as they are a risk to it. No sane business wants to take any undue risks in regards to granting access to their email content to a third party. With the Quadrotech cloud, we only access the metadata of the emails to migrate them form source to target. The actual content never leaves your company’s boundaries and you can avoid the need to provision expensive servers by letting the cloud do the processing.

Faster Pilot Completion = Faster Speed to First Item Migrated

For many providers, setting up a pilot migration can be expensive and time-consuming, requiring the provisioning of equipment and numerous consulting hours. Our Time-To-First-Item (TTFI) and Time-To-Pilot-Completion is the fastest on the market thanks to We require hardly any (if at all) hardware deployment. Our strategy towards projects utilizing is to eliminate the need for any infrastructure deployment in the Pre-Config phase and significantly reduce planning time with our simple to use interface in the cloud.

The agent is installed on the Source and Target Environment and connects to our cloud, which contains the SQL Server, core component, and everything else that is needed to run the migration.

Recently, from the point we were engaged by a customer (before infrastructure deployment, planning etc.), we were able to perform TTFI in just 2 hours and complete the pilot in just 24.

Interested in migrating your email archives to more cost-effective platforms such as Office365?

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