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QUADROtech announces its new subsidiary, QT-X – A Rapid Idea Generator

24 Jun 2015 by Cara Wilburn

QT-X, formed from the acquisition of Timefinity Group, will take Timefinity’s Fast Incubation Labs (FIL) and allow the QUADROtech Group to incubate and innovate ideas in high-speed iterations. The QT-X Incubation Labs consist of a highly skilled set of designers, developers and researchers focused on prototyping and creating innovative early-stage products. Industry veteran Dan Clark, formally CEO of Timefinity Group, will lead QT-X.


QT-X is a subsidiary of QUADROtech and will operate as QUADROtech’s lab, semi-secret research center, intellectual property licensing division – ensuring that the intellectual property generated through research is protected – and venture capitalist arm.

Peter Kozak, CEO of QUADROtech said, “QT-X has been formed on the premise of incubating ideas that will save businesses time and costs. It is a research lab where great ideas come to life, seeding growth – or alternatively, where forward-thinking ideas are tested and deemed unfeasible. We are extremely excited about the possibilities this will bring to our customers and partners.”

“We want to push the boundaries of technology, constantly innovating to deliver fast and safe integrations to improve the efficiency of organizations and data communications. For example, one project we have planned is to investigate the new APIs released by Microsoft for Office 365,” continued Kozak.

Already developed is an advanced cloud instance provisioning service that dynamically monitors IaaS market prices to provide development test systems, labs and even production systems. Called CloudExec it will change the way businesses approach their R&D and use of cloud infrastructure. Wonder why your inbox is full each day? How much data is flying around your organization, and how far it is flowing? Glass provides a clear overview of an organization on the types of data, originators of communications, and last contact points for individuals, departments and resources. Think Google Analytics for email.

In addition to these innovations, QT-X labs have developed the Connector Framework and Connectors – allowing vendors to access systems without having to perform complex integrations, and add future connections to systems without having to even recompile code.

Dan Clark, CEO of QT-X said: “QT-X contains the best minds from the QUADROtech Group. With the innovations we have in the pipeline and the team we have on board, we are expertly positioned to release technologies that are significantly market disruptive. Simply put, our aim is to develop innovative and market-leading technology to improve business efficiencies. Technology is the driving force of a business. New technologies enable faster business innovation, and faster business innovation equals acceleration into new markets and opportunities.”