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Our Takeaways From Ignite 2015

20 May 2015 by Orlaith Palmer

With Ignite now behind us, and our feet very nearly back to full strength after the miles racked up trekking across the McCormick Place conference centre, now’s a perfect moment to look back and identify what stood out to us during our time at the event.

Ignite Arrival

Considering Ignite was a combination of the TechEd, MEC, SharePoint and Lync conferences, the logistical challenge of ensuring around 23,000 people were catered for, entertained, and able to find the sessions most interesting to them was always set to be a daunting task. For such an ambitious initial outing for the Ignite conference, there are bound to be a few teething problems in regards to its execution. Tony Redmond’s Ignite wrap-up echoes many of the sentiments we noticed on social media during the event. There’s nothing that would’ve impacted the overall experience too seriously, but it’s great feedback for those who are probably already organising Ignite 2016!

For QUADROtech, we were immensely proud to introduce our triple play migration framework, for the migration of email archives, offline/PST mail, and live mailboxes to Office 365, during our time at Ignite. It was interesting to notice the high level of interest in the problems posed by the PST file in the enterprise email ecosystem. Many of the people we spoke to had some idea of the extent of the PST files residing in their network, but experience has shown us that the true proliferation of the storage-hungry PST is often far greater than first thought!

Ignite Booth

Thanks to our PST snapshot service, a minimal-footprint method of ascertaining the size and location of PSTs, even across network shares and home drives, many of our customers have quickly gained an accurate view of PST size, amount, and location. This is essential information for those looking to either migrate their PST volumes to Office 365, or even eliminate them entirely. A recent customer uncovered a 43GB PST for a single user through the use of our snapshot service.

It’s not just storage costs that make the migration or elimination of the PST file an attractive option. As the size and volume of email has grown, (think of all those multi-megabyte Powerpoint presentations!), the PST file has started to struggle. They are at risk of corruption when located on network shares, can cause Outlook to slow down, and also pose a potential risk if stored locally on a user laptop that gets lost or stolen.

Our email is an essential line and record of communications, as well as a key repository for our crucial business content, (latest budgets, reports, etc), which means any disruption in user access must be avoided wherever possible. The PST simply isn’t capable of being a long term and continuous method of storing messages in the enterprise environment but thanks to PST FlightDeck, it’s never been easier to find and migrate your PSTs. Don’t wait until Ignite 2016 to address the PST issue once and for all.

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