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Our shiny new Resource Center

30 Mar 2016 by Emma Robinson

If you’ve stumbled across our website over the past couple of days, you may have noticed our brand new addition: the Resource Center. We have collected up all of our best content and put it one place so it’s easy to find what you’re looking for. We will continue to add more and more to this space, with some exciting plans for the coming months.
Resource Center
So, what can you find here? The first thing you see when you arrive at the Resource Center is our upcoming and on-demand webinars. If you’ve tuned into one of these webinar sessions in the past, you’ll know that they have a lot of advice and discussions on Office 365 administration, management and reporting. Our next live webinar will take an in-depth look at SharePoint Online design and development – if you’re interested you can register online until 1pm EST on 12th April. If you missed a session the first time, don’t worry – we have uploaded all of the recordings to the Resource Center so you can watch them on-demand whenever you want.
If you like our blog, you might want to take a look at our new How to Guides. We’ve taken our most popular blog posts, and made them into handy pdf guides that you can keep for reference. One of the subjects that our readers have found particularly helpful is our advice on dealing with terminated employees in Office 365. This is something that happens all the time, right? So wouldn’t it be helpful to have a saved guide detailing all the steps you need to keep your Office 365 environment secure and up to date?
We also have a section for product Use Cases, which explain how our reporting tools have saved our customers time, money and helped solve critical business issues. If you’re wondering how enhanced reporting can save time and money while gaining a better understanding of what’s happening in your Office 365 environment – have a look now.
If you want to get a fuller understanding of Office 365 reporting and the capabilities that are available natively, then you need our ‘Ultimate Guide to Office 365 Reporting’. This two-part whitepaper series considers how reporting can offer critical business insight, explains the native reporting capabilities Office 365 offers and evaluates them in relation to how they can be used to meet operational needs, and will go on in part two to explore enhanced reporting solutions. The Ultimate Guide to Reporting (part one) is coming to the Resource Center very soon.
We hope you enjoy browsing the new Resource Center. We’ll be updating this space regularly with loads of new and exciting things – so make sure to keep an eye on it.