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Radar Reporting: New OneDrive User Activities Report

10 Oct 2017 by Doug Davis

After Exchange Online, OneDrive is often the next Office 365 service that companies begin to roll out across their organization. As a cloud-based storage and sharing solution, it can be used as part of an initiative to stop users saving documents locally (on their desktop, or machine), or sending files – which can often result in the creation of multiple versions of the same document. By saving a document in OneDrive, your users can share the link rather than the file, and work more productively, collaboratively, whilst storing their files more securely.

One of the key challenges is finding out whether your adoption strategies are working: whether OneDrive is being used, who is using it, and the activities that are happening. That’s where our new report can help.

The OneDrive User Activities report in Radar Reporting for SharePoint Online shows you clearly who is using OneDrive and the type of activity they are undertaking. You can get a high-level view of the top users, then drill down into the data in the table to get more detailed insights.

The chart will show the top ten users segmented by the type of File Activity. The types of activities tracked include: ‘Files Viewed’, ‘Synced’, and ‘Shared Externally and Internally’. The type of OneDrive Activity can be filtered by clicking on the activity type below the chart.The data table has a detailed breakdown for all users captured by the filter in the report, and can be customized to get the view you need.As with all the reports, this information can be customized, filtered, exported and scheduled.

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