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On Being Great, Period

26 Apr 2016 by Dan Langille

I wrote a few weeks ago about being great with Microsoft, a topic near and dear to our collective hearts here at Quadrotech.  The response that article generated prompted me to ponder:  How exactly does one define greatness?  And who is qualified to make that definition?

We take great pride in being the ‘no bullshit’ company – not just as a catchy slogan, but as our defining philosophy in all that we do.  As such, we believe greatness is a function of success and therefore may only be defined with any credibility by the market.

One of our competitors describes itself as ‘the global leader in email archive migration.’  That is a powerful claim, one certain to instill confidence in prospective customers.  But wait…..another of our competitors describes itself as ‘world leaders in email archive migration and PST content management.’  Whose statement is correct?  It can’t be both because those are mutually-exclusive claims.

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We describe ourselves as ‘a leading global provider of tools to manage the migration of email archives, mailboxes and PST files.’  That is a similar statement to those of our competitors, but with one vital, very simple qualifier:  ‘a.’  Not the leader, but a leader.  That is not a minor distinction; rather, it is hard proof of our ‘no bullshit’ philosophy.  We focus on executing the things that deliver successful outcomes for our customers and partners, and we defer to the market to judge whether or not we are great.

With all that said, consider these irrefutable facts:

  • For Microsoft’s FY16, we are on track to bring 10.4 PBs home to Office 365, thereby driving active usage for more than 3.8 million end users
  • We hold more Microsoft competencies than any other migration vendor
  • We just closed our eleventh consecutive quarter of record growth, and this quarter will make it twelve in a row
  • We were the first to conceive of and deliver the paradigm-shifting concept of vendor-led managed migration services
  • We remain the only full-stack migration company with Archive Migration, Live Mail Migration and PST eradication solutions that integrate
  • Our Office 365 Ingestion Technology remains unmatched – with AIP, AIPv2 and shortly AIPv3 – offering unparalleled performance, bandwidth reduction and optimization
  • We are the only vendor in this space able to offer a guaranteed migration outcome at a fixed price.

Don’t be fooled by unquantifiable claims to ‘greatest.’  One of those competitors cited above also claims to be “the only email archive migration vendor to be awarded both Microsoft Gold Messaging Partner and Microsoft Gold Application Development Partner status.”  Wrong again, guys – we hold both of those competencies, plus four more.

Archive migrations and PST elimination projects are too important to base your vendor choice on marketing-speak.  We welcome head-to-head showdowns against all challengers because we know our commitment to excellence in all that we do will eliminate any competitor’s claim to the title of ‘greatest.’