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Office 365 Web Administration Tool – Windows Azure Active Directory

15 Apr 2013 by emma.robinson

Microsoft recently released the Windows Azure Active Directory (WAAD) web application. WAAD is a cloud service that provides identity and access capabilities for applications on Windows Azure and Microsoft Office 365. For Office 365 users that basically means Windows Azure AD has replaced what we used to call MSOL.
There are some exciting things going on in the background and this opens a lot of doors for developers, but we are going to focus instead on how we can use it manage our Office 365 objects.
To get started we need to log into the Administration Tool with our Administrator credentials by visiting

Windows Azure AD Web Administration Tool

Windows Azure AD Web Administration Tool

From the home screen you can view all the Microsoft Cloud Services, including Office 365 specific services such as Exchange, Lync, SharePoint, Office 365 Web Applications and AD Rights Management that you are signed up for. You can also add new users and reset passwords directly from this page.
The left hand menu takes you to specific administration sections to further manage Users & Groups, Domains, Licencing and On Premise AD Integration. John O’Neill Sr. has written a great article about Integrating Active Directory using Windows Azure Active Directory.
Whilst this is basically just a page full of links to existing Office 365 management pages, it’s a great starting point for Office 365 Admins when they need to do user or AD management. One of the great features of WAAD is that it allows Single Sign on. So you don’t need to log in again when you click a link to access and administer different services.