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Office 365 Service Status notifier added

22 Jul 2015 by Emma Robinson

We’ve improved the Cogmotive Office 365 Reports web application interface by adding a Service Status notifier in the top navigation menu.  The notification icon will turn red when there are Office 365 Service Status incidents in progress that affect your tenant.
This gives customers quick notification when their Office 365 systems are experiencing trouble and allow them to pro-actively notify their users and prepare for a potential increase in service calls.
Clicking on the red warning icon will display a summary of any current incidents, and clicking any of these will link you directly to the Office 365 Service Status reports which will give you further information as updates are provided by Microsoft.
Cogmotive worked closely with Microsoft to integrate their new Office 365 Service Communications API which provides the basis for this service status information.
Our goal is to provide IT Administrators with crystal clear insight into how their Office 365 Environment is being used and how it is performing.  These changes may appear small but they have a profound impact on the efficiency and reactivity of IT departments, allowing them to spend more time performing pro-active value-add task rather than fire fighting incidents.
If you’d like to see how your IT department can benefit, sign up for a free trial of Cogmotive Office 365 Reports now!