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Office 365 Licence Report Update

11 Feb 2015 by Emma Robinson

Microsoft Office 365 licencing and subscriptions are confusing at the best of times.
We’ve made a small change to our Office 365 Subscription overview report to try and make it easier for our Office 365 Reporting customers to understand how their Office 365 licences are purchased.

Office 365 Subscription Report

Office 365 Subscription Report

You can now easily identify how many licences have been purchased with each subscription as well as when they will next be billed and the subscription status.
The subscription status refers to whether or not the subscription is Enabled (Active), Disabled or Suspended.
A subscription will typically be Disabled or Suspended when you have cancelled it in the Office 365 Portal. These licences will be in a grace period for 30 days and then de-provisioned from your tenant.