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Office 365 Inactive Users by Service Reports

23 Sep 2015 by Ian Byrne

An easy way for a company to save money is to ensure that they’re not paying for any Microsoft Office 365 licences that aren’t being used. When an employee leaves a business, there are lots of things that need to happen – the return of keys and equipment, updating the payroll… It’s easy for things to sometimes fall through the cracks – things like notifying the IT department so that they can disable their accounts and reallocate expensive licences.
Cogmotive offers a wide range of tools to report on how your users are behaving within your cloud environment, with our more popular ones being just that – detailed reports showing how many users have been active (and, more importantly, inactive) for various Office 365 products. Easily see any user that has not logged into their Exchange mailbox within the past 90 days – perhaps they are on extended vacation, or perhaps more likely they have left the business and their expensive licences can be reassigned to somebody else instead. This information is also available for any users who have not been active on Skype or OneDrive for periods of 7, 14, 30 and 90 days and is a good way to measure adoption rates of newly introduced technologies.
Inactive Users information has been available within Cogmotive reporting solutions for Exchange, Skype and OneDrive for some time, and we have recently launched a new tool that consolidates all of these products into the one report. This makes it easy to see a general overview of how these products are being used within your organisation.
Inactive Users by Service
This report is just the latest in an ever-expanding list of our available reports for Microsoft Office 365 and are immediately available to existing customers of our Office 365 reporting product. If you would like greater visibility within your own environment, why not sign up for a free trial?