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Office 365 hits 22.2 million subscribers

22 Apr 2016 by Emma Robinson

Yesterday, Microsoft released its third-quarter earnings and revealed some interesting figures when it comes to Office 365 usage. Their latest numbers show that there are 22.2 million subscribers to Office 365, in comparison to 20.6 million subscribers in the previous quarter. Both of these figures are particularly impressive when contrasted against the subscribers from the same quarter in 2015, which totalled 12.4 million, indicating a near doubling in Office 365 adoption. In terms of revenue, Office 365 products and services saw a buoyant 63% increase, and its Azure cloud offering grew by 120%. Despite these notable advancements for their Office 365 and cloud services, Microsoft’s overall revenues declined by 6% year-over-year.
These areas of growth appear as a contrast against a weakening PC market, and suggest that Satya Nadella’s vision for ‘Cloud-first, mobile-first’ is reflected in the ground Microsoft is progressively gaining in the market.
As Office 365 experiences steady growth for both the consumer and commercial segments, it is a clear indication that more and more organisations are moving towards Office 365 and cloud services rather than on-premises solutions. ‘Cloud-first, mobile-first’ embodies the demands of the modern workplace. It promises a service that can keep up with your organisation’s pace, that promises constant connectivity, enabling people to work wherever they like, on whatever device they choose.
Most organisations invest in Office 365 as they believe that it will deliver on performance and value, but without measuring this, how can you be sure that this is the case?
With Cogmotive’s reporting suite it is possible to understand usage and adoption, justify spend, and manage security in your Office 365 environment. Cogmotive’s reporting tools offer the possibility to drill down into user-level details, with advanced filtering to get exactly the data you need. You can also schedule and share custom made reports with anyone who requires them – providing a higher level of detail, and addressing the limitations in Office 365 native reporting functionality.
If your company is one of the many who subscribed to Office 365 this year, why not find out more about what Cogmotive Reports could do for you and your organisation?