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Nova is here – What Does This Mean for Radar Customers?

Aug 28, 2019 by Doug Davis

FAQs for Radar Reporting Customers

Q: What is Nova?

A: Nova is a platform for connected Office 365 management. Previously, our reporting, security, delegation, and policy control features had been siloed in specific products. This meant that you could only ‘see’ in Radar Reporting, and only ‘do’ in Autopilot. To do both, you would need to work across the applications to get the most value. We have completely overhauled the foundational architecture of our applications, to deliver a highly scalable, versatile platform which integrates existing capabilities with all new functionality and services.

Q: We already have Radar Reporting – What does this mean for us?

A: The Radar Reporting application as it is today will continue to be operational and accessible to you for some time to come – at least until March 2020 to enable you to transition to Nova in your own time.

Q: How do we go about efficiently transferring over from Radar to Nova?

A: We will be taking a phased approach to ensure a quality experience. If you would like to register your interest, please contact, and we will contact you about your transition to Nova. Please include your company name, tenant and email address to be sure we have the right information in the database.

Q: Will this affect my functionality in Radar in any way?

A: After your transition, you can work with both Radar and Nova simultaneously through this period of co-existence.  Both will be available in the Nova portal.  All the data you have collected in Radar is the basis of the data that we are using in Nova.

Q: Will Quadrotech provide any Nova-related training or resources for Radar users?

A: Quadrotech will provide a scheduled and assisted transition to ensure that you receive equivalent functionality on Nova making best use of the new capabilities of the platform and that you understand and can make use of the new capabilities of the platform including the new report writer.

Q: What improvements in Reporting are there in Nova?

A: Nova creates a richer, more flexible and more complete reporting experience that will help you make decisions faster:

  • Richer reports: Reports can now incorporate multiple data sources, reducing the time taken to make a decision based on the report. Reports can now both combine multiple data sources and make use of elements from a wider charting library.  For example, a report might now contain a heat map, double pie charts, and a world map.  It’s easy to change from one element to another.
  • Multiple data source reports: Reports can combine data from multiple workloads such as SharePoint Online, Exchange, Yammer and the audit log.
  • Increased customization: You can now create custom reports with more graphical elements.
  • Expanded Teams reporting: Including individual team and user statistics
  • Include audit log data: Reports can now include data from the audit log directly – such as count of failed logins. You can incorporate these as a table or graph.
  • Improved multi-tenant support: You can now turn any report into a multi-tenant report and reports can be imported/exported across tenant boundaries.
  • Easier to share and socialize your report: You can now create your own personal reports that only you can see so that you socialize and review them before you publish them corporately.
  • Create Clone Reports: You can now clone custom reports to make report production faster.

Q: Will there be any further product development to the Radar product moving forward?

A: All new development in reporting will be on the Nova platform moving forward.

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