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Product News: Archive Shuttle 9.8 is now available

Mar 24, 2020 by Jason Jacobo

Archive Shuttle 9.8 is released 

We’re pleased to announce the release of Archive Shuttle 9.8, the latest evolution in our market-leading email archive migration software.

In this update we continue with the themes of introducing something new, improving some of our current offerings, and revisiting something which is more mature in the product.

Let’s take a look at what this means for those interested in using Archive Shuttle for their archive migrations.

What’s new in Archive Shuttle 9.8?

Archive Shuttle 9.8 introduces support for Enterprise Vault 12.5. Whether you want to migrate from one version of Enterprise Vault to another, consolidate an Enterprise Vault deployment or migrate to other supported targets like Office 365, knowing that we continue to add support for the latest versions of the product will help make your migrations run smoothly.

What’s improving?

There are many improvements in each of our releases, sometimes too many to list in a quick update like this, and that’s the situation here. If you’re interested in the full list remember to look at our full release notes. Some of the highlights, though, are shared below:

  • A total of 37 product backlog items have been completed in Archive Shuttle 9.8 to make the product easier to use and more robust
  • We’ve introduced changes in splitting items into folders and across archives, which helps with large migrations and also with the routing of items from the queue of export items through to import containers
  • We’ve also continued with our theme to use the OAuth/modern authentication for modules that use EWS and we now support the use of secrets rather than certificates. This makes the configuration of this type of authentication much simpler in complex environments.

What’s being revised?

You could say that some of these fall into the previous category of product improvements but a few of these are worth drawing out individually. For example, we’ve made improvements with our native format import module which handles target PST files. In fact, we’ve eliminated two critical types of failure associated with this module – phew! Those have been a pain-point for quite some time and impact some migrations.

We’ve also continued to make improvements in the handling of journal explosion, including better management of active users during the migration. Many of these migrations involve hundreds of millions of items, so we’ve also continued to make efficiency gains on the queries which are used to determine what to process. More importantly, though, we’ve done a lot of groundwork to lead us to an exciting future in this space.

We also continue to make improvements in product usage. For example, in almost every migration we take time to configure EWS for processing legacy shortcuts. We get the question from partners and internal consultants about why we don’t make this the default. Why indeed? Well, there is no reason… So in this release, we have made it the default.

There are several other small revisions like this in the release of Archive Shuttle 9.8, and you can see a full list of the changes in the release notes.

If you’re looking for a managed email archive migration service, please contact our expert team today.

Jason Jacobo

Jason has been at Quadrotech since 2014, moving from the Delivery team to Product Owner for Archive Shuttle. He has been in the industry for decades, in a variety of different roles. Jason would describe himself as an “exploratory tinkerer” and a technical veteran. The main thing that drew him to technology was a passion for solving problems wherever he sees them.