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New Reports: ‘Product Activations by User’ and ‘Users with Not Activated Products’

8 Jun 2017 by Doug Davis

Our licence reports are very popular, and for good reason. The reports provide a comprehensive breakdown of your employee’s subscription types, as well as detailed information on licence and service usage. This insight can ensure that you’re able to optimise licence spend, and maximise your overall Office 365 investment.
This week, we’re excited to build on the licence reports we already have by adding two new reports: ‘Product Activations by User’ and ‘Users with Not Activated Products’.
Product Activations by User
This report shows the number of users activating and using downloaded products (such as Office 365 ProPlus). The chart displays product activations broken down by operating system (currently Windows OS, Mac OS, Android, iOS and Windows 10 Mobile).

The Data Table
The data table provides more details about the product activation, including the user, product, and OS. You can add, remove, or re-order these columns to display additional information, such as department, country, and other categories.
This report can also be filtered, allowing you to segment the data, and find specific information about product activations. For example, when renegotiating your licence agreement, you might want to know how many Office 365 ProPlus licences are active in your environment, as well as their distribution across departments, so you can conduct accurate capacity planning. This report can be filtered by department, country, and product, so you can quickly get to the information you need. As with all the reports, this information can also be exported, emailed, saved and scheduled.

Users with Not Activated Products report
This report is the opposite to the ‘Product Activations by User’ report, and focuses on the licences that aren’t activated, which is incredibly useful for licence management and capacity planning.
In this report, you can view the users that are licensed for a downloadable product (such as Office ProPlus) but have not installed or activated their software yet. The chart displays a stacked column for each product within your environment, split by the number of users who have activated the product, and those who have not.

The Data Table
The data table also lists each user who is licensed for a product, but has not yet activated or installed it, but can be customised to provide more insight. Like the Product Activations by User report, you can add, remove or re-order columns to display additional information, you can also use filtering to get to the information you need, and you can schedule, save, email or export this report too.

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