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New Reports: Office 365 Groups Activity

8 May 2018 by Doug Davis

We have new additions to our reporting suite. Two new Office 365 Groups reports were released into Radar last week, and you’ll see them in your app under the ‘Groups’ reports section.As Groups are an integral part of the newer collaboration services in Office 365, it is important to see how these are being created and used across your environment. These reports are all about activity, so you can get a clear picture of precisely what aspects of Groups are being used.

Report number one: Office 365 Groups Activity

Charts the activity for all elements of Office 365 Groups for your chosen date range.

The Office 365 Groups Activity report will help you get a handle on how well your Groups are being adopted. Office 365 Groups is a collaborative feature that brings together many Office 365 services to foster a more consistent work experience for all group members. These services include email, SharePoint Online, and Yammer. With this report, you get a sense of activity across all your Office 365 Groups.

The data can be seen within a specific time range as required – just amend the date in the top-right corner of the report view. The Chart displays graphs relating to daily usage of all the core elements, so you can focus on particular service if needed.To dig deeper into the data on a daily basis you can use and export the data in the table below the chart. Get a complete day by day count of activity and use it to review in more detail. Report number two: Office 365 Groups Daily Activity

See the daily activity for your Office 365 Groups broken down by element type. This report shows data from the previous day.

Office 365 Groups aims to support team productivity by increasing collaboration capabilities and opportunities. The Office 365 Groups Daily Activity Report gives you the key stats for the previous day to get a sense of the amount of activity being undertaken.

The report has two elements:

  • The table has the cumulative totals for all the groups or the selected groups.
  • The chart allows for a deeper dive into the underlying data of the Office 365 Group, with more detail on the scope of the activity within the group.

As with all of the reports, this information can be customized, filtered and scheduled within the application, meaning that you get the insights you need as well as the ability to share the data securely with others, whether they have a Radar Reporting account or not.

Want to check out these Groups reports for yourself?

Remember, once released our reports are available immediately. All you have to do is log into the application, and you can try them out straight away!

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