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New Reports for SharePoint Online: Site Usage, User Activity, and Top Users

3 Apr 2018 by Doug Davis

In March, Microsoft announced and deployed several new features in SharePoint to help organizations search more intelligently and integrate communication. These updates include a more intelligent and personalized search experience, SharePoint hub sites, and a Yammer to SharePoint connection.

We’ve been working on some SharePoint Online-related updates of our own. To help organizations review and manage their SharePoint Online usage, we’ve created three new reports in Radar for SharePoint Online.

Site Usage

The SharePoint Site Usage Report shows aggregate SharePoint Online usage by site. The report lists your sites along with core statistics like date of last activity, page views and visits, and storage data. This information helps administrators get a sense of the most and least active sites within a SharePoint Online ecosystem and the associated storage information.SharePoint User Activity

Review the daily aggregate numbers for five key SharePoint Online metrics: Files Viewed or Modified, Files Synced, Files Shared Internally, Files Shared Externally, and Pages Visited with this report. Identify adoption by activity and overall influence of your SharePoint Online ecosystem. The chart will illuminate trends, while the exportable table shows the same metrics broken down by day.Top User Activity

With this report, you can easily identify ‘power users’ who can teach others, or target recipients that may need additional training. This chart displays the most active users within SharePoint Online for a given timeframe. The report table has individual entries for all users within the selected timeframe.

As with all of the reports, the columns in the table can be toggled on or off (via the ‘Show/Hide Columns’ button, and the information can be customized, filtered, and scheduled. All the reports options can be found in the top right-hand corner.

Radar for SharePoint Online provides detailed, customizable reporting that helps you manage storage, security and permissions settings for your environment.

If you’re already a subscriber to this module, you can try this new report now – simply log into your account here.

Not a Radar Reporting user yet, but want to learn more? Try the application for yourself!