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New Report: Yammer Activities

22 Jun 2017 by Doug Davis

Yammer is a highly popular social networking site used by enterprises for private communication. While a social networking site may not sound impressive to some, Yammer was popular enough to be acquired by Microsoft in 2012 and was dubbed ‘Facebook for business’ at the time. The similarities can’t be denied; Yammer has likes, hashtags, @mentions, private messaging, a Newsfeed, groups, file sharing and even an app.
Since its integration into Office 365, the service has been the subject of some criticism, and questions have been raised with the addition of new, comparable tools like Office 365 Groups and Microsoft Teams, but Yammer is not to be underestimated. The service continues to be used by organisations for communication and collaboration, and we’ve received an increasing number of requests for a Yammer report. We’re pleased to announce that we now have one: our newest report – Yammer Activities.
The Yammer Activities report shows admins how end users are utilising Yammer, and as shown in the image below, it can show the top ten users of Yammer based on activity. The report can show data for different intervals: 7 days, 30 days, 90 days, to a maximum of 180 days.
The Data Table

The data table beneath the chart can be expanded to show the latest Yammer activity, with the user’s name, and details listed in columns along with posts, reads, and likes. Other columns can also be added as required to expand this view, and get more detail.

Pairing this data on usage with your own knowledge of your organisation can make it incredibly helpful. With enterprises taking on projects that require a huge degree of collaboration, it can be difficult to constantly check on an important post, or gauge how people are responding by eye alone. Should an IT team be able to spot a sudden increase in likes, reads and responses, this could be a helpful indicator that important posts (likes ones needing a public opinion, making an important announcement or relating to an upcoming event perhaps) are getting the response they need. On the opposite end of the spectrum, should admins see that users have been unresponsive to recent posts, then subsequent, targeted effort can be put into remedying it.
As with all our reports, the Yammer Activities report can be customised, filtered, scheduled, and sent – to arm you with the detail, flexibility and visibility you need.
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