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New Report: Skype Activities per Day

15 Nov 2017 by Doug Davis

We have a new Skype report for you this week. The Skype Activities per Day report in Radar for Office 365 is a great way to understand the pattern of Skype usage across your organization, but you can also contrast this against the types of Skype activities your users have been undertaking. Depending on the date range you select, the chart will display usage trends for overall conferences. The report can also be filtered by a wide range of variables, so you could view by geography or department, or any other core Azure AD attribute. This level of detail makes this report perfect for examining how Skype is being adopted within your organization in macro and micro detail.

The default table view shows the most frequent types of Skype activities, but there is a lot of further detail available here which will allow for deeper analysis. Use the Show/Hide Columns to add as many data fields as you need, as you see below, there are a number of different options.

Many organizations introduce Skype for Business as a way to decrease internal mail traffic or phone calls, and boost productivity through the use of IM, which often has faster response rates than email or other communication methods. The Skype for Business adoption reports available in Radar for Office 365, including the new Skype for Business Activities per day report, are useful as a standalone view into usage, but they can also be combined with the other analytics within the application, like mail traffic reports, to track trends more directly. By comparing and contrasting adoption reports across different workloads you can truly see whether an impact is being made, and if an increase in Skype for Business IM adoption can be plotted against a gradual decrease in internal mail traffic.This report can be customized, filtered, saved and scheduled. If you would like to monitor adoption or usage metrics for Skype for Business, you can automate the report to run with your requirements every week/month (or at any interval you need), and receive it straight to your inbox – just set it up once, and your reports are ready to go!

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