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New Report: Public Folders Explorer

Jul 18, 2017 by Doug Davis

When you only need basic information about a public folder, searching through your entire hierarchy can be an arduous task. If you want a simple way to see top-level information about your public folders, then you should check out the latest addition in Office 365 Reports – the Public Folders Explorer!
This report provides overview details for any given public folder. It allows you to view your complete public folder hierarchy, and as you select different folders, it reveals a drop down of further options, much like a real public folder tree. As you can see in the screenshot below, clicking on ‘IPM_SUBTREE’ opens a file tree with options like ‘Cogmotive’ and ‘London’. If you want information about the ‘Cogmotive’ subfolder, another tree is expanded, and if you want information contained in the ‘London’ file, you can click further for the ‘Accounts’, ‘Development’ and ‘Marketing’ folders.

The report also offers ‘General Information’ and ‘Permissions’ information. ‘Permissions’ shows whether permissions have been set, as well as the type of permissions enabled.
The ‘General Information’ section provides information on the following details:

  • Folder size
  • Number of items
  • Deleted items
  • Total deleted item size
  • Time of creation
  • Last modification time
  • Owner count
  • Whether the file is mail enabled

This report is very useful in numerous scenarios. For example, you could be searching through company files and find numerous public folders with the same name. You see that only one folder has been consistently updated, and you suspect the others are duplicates that need to be removed to avoid further confusion. With the Public Folder Explorer, you are able to quickly check the folder size and ‘last modification’ information to make your decisions both faster and easier.
Another common use case is permissions management. Often, IT Admins need to remove a user’s permissions from public folders because they are moving roles, or leaving the company. The Public Folder Explorer makes it easy to search and collect a list of each user’s permissions, to see how and where they have been applied, and to consult against when revoking access.
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