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New Report: Cogmotive Reports Audit Log

Oct 24, 2016 by Emma Robinson

Need to know who’s been logging into your Cogmotive Reports account? Perhaps you want to check that there’s been no suspicious activity, like failed log-ins, or users that should not still have access to the account as they’ve left your organisation.
Our newest feature, the Audit Log, gives you the details of every single user that logs into Cogmotive Reports – including the date, time, email address and IP address, as well as how they logged in, and whether it was successful or not. The Audit Log can be scheduled or exported, so you can ensure that your organisation’s security and compliance requirements are met. We recommend that you schedule the report so that the information is automatically emailed to you each week allowing you to monitor the users accessing your reporting data on an ongoing basis.
To view the Audit Log, you must be one of the Account Administrators for Cogmotive Reports. Click on the cog icon in the top right-hand corner and you will find ‘Audit Log’ just below the ‘Profile and Settings’ option.
Here’s an example of what the Audit Log looks like by default. As this is our audit log, we have altered the image to partially blank out email addresses for privacy reasons. In your audit log, you will be able to see the full email address for all the users that have logged into your Cogmotive Reports account.
This new feature is a starting point for a number of new security and compliance features that are being built into Cogmotive Reports. Soon, you will also be able to see admin actions on your account (such as changes to user permissions) in the Audit Log. This will give you a complete record of who has added users to the application, reset passwords, and activities like deleting scheduled reports. If you have any problems – like unwarranted changes to the configurations, missing reports, leaked credentials, or issues stemming from simple user error – you will be able to trace the cause of every activity, and resolve the issue quickly by following the audit trail.
Finally, we will also be releasing an API, which will enable you to run the log through your own unified auditing tools for security information and event management (SIEM). This will ensure that our application is integrated into your security and compliance measures, as well as speeding up the task of processing the log. Make sure to keep an eye on our blog or the in-app message center for more information about these features as they become available.
Want to see who’s using Cogmotive Reports in your organisation? Why not take a look at the Audit Log now? If you have a Cogmotive Reports subscription, you can log in here.
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